David Beaumont (B.Bus CPA)
Certified Practising Accountant
Profit and Cash Flow Improvement Specialist
Registered Tax Agent
Certified Business Advisor
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As a Certified Practising Accounting (CPA) and assisting many small businesses since 1984, I have little doubt  that small business owners in the general need “HELP” as well as a “Sounding Board” with their business issues and not just with their tax returns.

I have a genuine passion for assisting small business owners and their businesses to achieve greater profits and to achieve their goals. They deserve this for all of their efforts and the risk taken by them by actually entering into business in the first place.

My personal goal is to provide cost effective business advice and solutions. Those who engage my services will realise that the gains and benefits achieved will far outweigh the costs of doing so. That is my personal promise & guarantee!


I'm a member of an International Network of business consultants and coaches. This network provides me with a source of experience and support from over 200 accredited advisors worldwide enabling me to harness the power of many experts that are specialists in areas that I am not.


Generally speaking, I have observed that most small business owners place a lot of trust and faith in their tax accountant and their bank when it comes to assisting them with their business. In the main they actually receive little more than a historical set of financial statements and a taxation return(s) from their tax accountant or tax agent and loan funding from their bank.


Think about this for a second, a typical set of business financial accounts provided by a tax accountant are prepared for taxation purposes rather than to really help you for “managing the business”.  What's worse, some tax accountants may only get the last set of accounts to you a year to eighteen months AFTER the end of the financial year ... and what good are those financials to you then?


The issue is that modern business moves quickly and  you need to know what your business situation is today and what you can do about it now, rather than sort through a jumble of numbers from the previous year.


Typically, tax accountants deal with the past. That is, what has happened, not what is likely to happen and that’s because they're so busy complying with all the requirements of the Tax Office, most just don't have time to do any more than that. Their task ends up being to complete the financial accounts from the information that you've provided and fill in the forms for tax and compliance purposes.

There is really no excuse these days not to have relatively up to date and accurate financial information to work with.

MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero etc enable this.

There is also no excuse for not asking for advice, but there tends to be 3 key questions that small business owners have. 

  • How much will it cost me?

  • What benefits will I achieve?

  • Is there any guarantee that it will actually work?

My approach will answer all of these upfront and without you parting with a single dollar.