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For years I have been providing profit and cash flow improvement services as part of my accounting practice and clients have seen fantastic results by making small but very achievable improvements to 8 Key Numbers in their business, 7 of these key numbers you will not even see in your most recent set of financial statements provided by your Tax Accountant. These 8 Numbers are the profit and cashflow drivers within your business.

Most traditional marketing and advertising concentrates purely on lead and enquiry generation in order to increase sales & market share. 


What most businesses fail to do is maximise the use of those enquires and then fully utilise their existing and newly acquired client base.


The acquisition costs of a new customer can be so prohibitively high that if a business only concentrates on generating new leads, they are marketing inefficiently and will most likely fail.


The greatest “leverage” for a business can be in other areas such as the conversion or retention rates, or increasing the transaction frequency and average sale value of each transaction.