Business Gurus Should be Accountable!

In this article, I’m taking a sideswipe at self-styled business “gurus,” saying they should be personally accountable for the messages they deliver.

Too many of them can talk the talk, but they can’t walk the walk … and for mine that borders on fraud and deception.

Each day, I go to Facebook and in my feed, up pop Facebook Ads from business gurus have started their businesses from their bedroom or garage and are now making 7 figure profits from business owners investing in the program that they peddle. Many of which are in their twenties.

Perhaps it’s time (my opinion) that the business seminar/webinar and training industry needs to regulate the activities of these self-proclaimed gurus, otherwise everyone involved can eventually end up being “tarred by the same brush”.

It’s time these people who set themselves up as the educators and saviours of business, including all the other gurus who fly in from overseas with their glossy messages, started assuming some personal accountability for what they say and do.They should be able to demonstrate personal realities to people who pay for their advice.

First and foremost, they should have real-life commercial experience. Have they got the runs on the board? Have they actually done it or has their so-called ‘special message’ come from something they read or, even worse, pinched from somebody else.

They should be able to demonstrate how their audiences can achieve specific, quantifiable results by following their advice.A business person is entitled to know in advance what they can expect and not just airy-fairy waffle. Instead a locked-in quantifiable outcome. And quantifiability is paramount, because what gets measured and monitored stands a chance of being done.

The next important thing which business owners should expect is some degree of belief. The majority of these business educators, seminar speakers and trainers don’t even offer any form of guarantee, and I think that’s wrong. Perhaps it’s that their messages are so nebulous that it is impossible to quantify any improvement results. Put simply, they have no structured message which is capable of measurement.

If you know your stuff and you have a proven track-record of applying it yourself, and of others doing it as well, why wouldn’t you be prepared to guarantee the results which can emerge?

As a CPA dealing with many business owners over 35 plus years now, I wouldn’t dare to offer my Profit & Cash Flow Improvement services if I couldn’t personally demonstrate my credentials in offering advice and to guarantee the results.I even go so far as to qualify the business and people running them.

I won’t, under any circumstances, accept people who don’t exhibit the characteristics which indicate that they’re willing to follow advice and do what is required to the letter. It’s no good for me, and it’s certainly no good for them if they’re not committed to succeeding.

Business owners I work with have set exercises to complete which we review together. This is important because a very important reality in business life is that most owner/managers of small to medium businesses don’t have a boss. They are accountable to no one but themselves and what happens is that they set the agenda but allow important tasks slip from week to week and month to month.

A follow up system is necessary to keep them focused on the important things and if they have followed each step in the process and they don’t get a positive result of at least three times their initial investment, then I’ll refund their entire investment. This guarantee is given to them in writing.

Business Owners are required to provide some initial information on their businesses, which they then send to me.

From that information, I build up a model of what is possible in terms of profit and cash flow improvement as well as the potential future value of their business and investments assets when they follow the process.

The outcome, or at least the objective, is crystal clear.


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