Bowie Consulting was established with a clear aim:

To assist small business owners with their taxation matters

but also to "Identify and Unlock the Hidden and Potential Profits in their business!"

At the very core of our philosophy is the "BOWIE - Power of Synergy" process and 8 Key Numbers that drive improvements to both business profits and cash flow. 

Small Business Owners who gain an understanding of this inevitably find that improving their profits and cash flow really isn't that difficult and as one business owner said:

“It wasn’t all that difficult once I began to focus on applying the small changes in a consistent way”.


Our approach has always been to look for simple, easy, practical and powerful ways to help leverage and grow businesses and to improve the efficiency and the bottom line of those businesses which we work closely with.

Bowie Consulting aims to provide practical business information and proven strategies that work ...  guaranteed!


In particular, practical information and proven strategies on how to:

  • Improve Business Income

  • Improve Product/Service Margins

  • Reduce Costs

  • Improve Productivity

  • Improve Cash Flow

  • Improve Return on Investment

  • Monitor Results


     .... and then to invest those additional profits wisely!

Business Owners that engage our services will be able to identify benefits far greater than the costs.

In short we will direct business owners to the Hidden & Potential PROFITS & CASH in their business.

Bowie Consulting has evolved from a successful CPA Practice that by 1994 realised that the traditional services of bookkeeping and taxation provided by tax accountants to their business clients were not delivering what business clients were really in need of. Taxation services for small business are still at the core of business but if our clients require assistance to improve their profits, cash flow and the potential sale value of their respective businesses, we have a specific process for assisting them to do this.

Successful business owners today, have become so, not because they have an MBA hanging off their names, but because they have an intimate knowledge of the basics of business and the basics of business (which haven’t changed for centuries), are all about common sense and logic.

Conversely, research tells us that 90% of the failures, which occur in small to medium business (our market place), happen as a direct result of the managerial incompetence of the owner/manager.

What did they lose sight of? You’ve got it…the basics of business.

That said, we have an impassioned plea for all business people to understand the immense power of doing the little things right every day and realising that small changes can and do generate massive results.

It is the basic fundamentals (no secret) of increasing sales, reducing costs and improving productivity that provide great results.

The REAL QUESTION for business owners is HOW?

Whether you are a ‘One Man’ band or a company with 100 employees, this is where our Business Owner Success  processes come into play.

Your business is like a bucket, with several leaks. We call these ‘Profit Leaks’. I have not seen a business yet that is not losing money, in fact many businesses are literally haemorrhaging money. The sad part is, most Business Owners/ Managers are not aware of the problem or simply can’t be bothered, they have lost the enthusiasm and drive to maximize the potential of their business.

Every business is different but the basics of business are the same for all. Utilising our business improvement processes have seen business owners achieve profit improvements typically in the range of 25% to 60%.

Bowie Consulting provides services to a range of small business owners in:

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Trades

  • Hospitality

  • Professional Services


These businesses range in structure from:

  • Sole Proprietors

  • Partnerships

  • Companies & Trusts


But we do not take on every business that approaches us. We will only accept clients that show a distinct desire to improve their business profits and cash flow and are prepared to implement the strategies and programs which we recommend. If not, we are simply wasting one another's time.


So, if you are committed to improving your business profits and cash flow which will simultaneously increase the value of your business and are prepared to implement what we suggest, then you should contact us.