Are you sick of being treated like just another number by your current accountant or accounting firm?

Do you want more personalised service and someone who can really help you with your business?

Being a small and nimble accounting practice and with David Beaumont being the only point of contact and the only person with whom you deal, you can be assured that you will receive only a totally personal service on a consistent basis.

Business Profit & Cash Flow Improvement Services

I assist small business owners with their taxation matters

but also to "Identify and Unlock the Hidden and Potential Profits in their business!"

At the very core of my philosophy is the "BOWIE - Profit & Cash Flow Game Changer" process and 8 Key Numbers that drive improvements to both business profits and cash flow. 

Small Business Owners who gain an understanding of process inevitably find that improving their profits and cash flow really isn't that difficult.


My approach has always been to look for simple, easy, practical and powerful ways to help leverage and grow businesses and to improve the efficiency and the bottom line of those businesses with whom I work closely with.

Bowie Consulting aims to provide practical business information and proven strategies that work ...  guaranteed!


In particular, practical information and proven strategies on how to:

  • Improve Business Income

  • Improve Product/Service Margins

  • Reduce Costs

  • Improve Productivity

  • Improve Cash Flow

  • Improve Return on Investment

  • Monitor Results


     ... and then to invest those additional profits wisely!

Business Owners that engage my services will be able to identify benefits far greater than the costs.

In short I will direct business owners to the Hidden & Potential PROFITS & CASH FLOW in their business.

Small Business Accounting & Taxation Services

Lodging Taxation Returns and Business Activity Statements are by law necessary and for many business owners they complete their own BAS's and generally meet with their Tax Accountant or Tax Agent once a year to compile and lodge Tax Returns.
Bowie Consulting provides a more comprehensive service by reviewing BAS's prior to lodgement and then lodging on behalf of the client. This ensures that all information is included and correct without the need for having to amend prior BAS lodgements when compiling the Annual Taxation Returns.
This process also enables us to provide up to date insights into business performance and offer timely advice in relation to business profit and cash flow improvements as well as interim Financial Statements as required.
There are no nasty end of year surprises when this process is followed as clients can effectively put in place strategies to assist with legitimate tax minimisation and plan ahead with confidence.
Taxation is an important aspect for business owners and the process that we map out for you enables you to focus on growing your business profit and wealth.