95 Ways to Take Control of Your Prices, Improve Your Sales Success Rate
and make more Profitable Sales.

This E-Learning course will show you how to have complete confidence in your prices for your products/services, utilising the tactics and converting customer enquiries into SALES…fast!

The effect of these tactics on your bottom line profit dollar is truly awesome.

This is no idle comment…many of our clients can testify to the potent effect of the tactics as detailed in the module.

You'll be shown:

  • How To Beat The Price Haggler

  • How To “Sell” A Price Increase And Only Lose The PIA* Customers

  • How To Get Better Value From Your Suppliers


The result? More Profitable Sales


Not only that, you'll be shown:

  • How to take control of your customers and educate them on buying happily at YOUR PRICE … not theirs.

  • How you can beat the price haggler hands down at his/her own game.

  • How to demonstrate categorically how dangerous discounting is and convince your entire staff to stop offering discounts from this point on.

  • Just what changes you need to make TO BE EASIER TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

  • What 9 strategies you should use to get a higher price for your goods and services.

  • 5 ways to maximise your price.

  • How to make the best use of the MESSAGE SIGNS that come FREE with this module.

  • What skills you and your staff need to master to knock down objections that customers or prospects might throw at you.

  • How to use the secrets of successful purchasing to claw back better margins.

  • The steps you need to follow to ensure you have done your pre-­purchase with due diligence.

  • Why costs get out of control and how you, in your business, can take back control of costs swiftly and decisively.

  • The INSIDE SECRETS of negotiating to WIN.

  • How to draw up negotiating plans – including our unique strategy template.

  • 27 negotiating tactics you can profitably start to use right now to slash purchasing costs.

  • Secret techniques you can use so that you never give away concessions.

  • How you can master the use of non-verbal communication to dominate any negotiation. The eight rules of negotiating that you simply cannot ignore.


     PLUS … You get:

  • 19 ways to handle “Your price is too high…”

  • 9 ways to handle “Give me a 10% discount…”

  • 8 ways to handle “I can get the same product for less…”

  • 7 ways to handle “I want to get a couple of other prices first…”


Can you imagine how more effective your sales people would be at getting extra profitable sales if they knew how to use these 95 ways of handling objections?