Generate More Sales, More Profits and Cash in Your Business

and in the process ...

Increase the Value of Your Business.

For years I have been providing profit and cash flow improvement services as part of my accounting practice and clients have seen fantastic results by making small but very achievable improvements to 8 Key Numbers in their business, 7 of these key numbers you will not even see in your most recent set of financial statements provided by your Tax Accountant. These 8 Numbers are the profit and cashflow drivers within your business.


Without “reinventing the wheel” so to speak, I’ve actually teamed up with some marketing professionals who have created this Sales and Marketing Academy that will actually help you generate more sales, profits and cashflow for your business.


The Freedom Formula and process is exactly the means to do this and I don’t say that lightly.

Regardless of how your business is performing or even what business it is... learning how to market your business is just as important as learning how to do what your business does.


Whether you’re involved in a trade, retail, wholesale, hospitality, professional or service business, being great at what you do doesn't always attract the clients you need or deserve.

Take a sneak peak at the 3 videos below to get an immediate idea of what the Business Academy is all about!

The Freedom Formula Mindset

Lucky Luke & Jenny the Genie

The Engineers Voice

I’m inviting small business owners who would love to learn more about marketing their business so that they can generate more sales, profit and cashflow, to see a full preview my Online Sales & Marketing Academy.


You will learn:

  1. How to Generate More Sales Opportunities.

  2. How to Increase your Conversion Rate of those Sales Opportunities.

  3. How to Increase the Average Transaction Value of each sale.

  4. How to Improve your Profit Margins.


This is done by showing you:

  • How to motivate your customers/clients to make faster decisions.

  • How to Attract new customers/clients without discounting or begging for dollars.

  • How to win customers/clients that you have never been able to attract before.

  • Why it doesn’t matter what method you use to advertise when you get your irresistible offer right.

  • How to stand out against your competitors and have an unfair advantage.

  • How to sell more even when times are tough and it appears everyone is price sensitive.

  • How to win customers/clients faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.

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