The "Secret Recipe" to improving your business profit, cash flow and the value of your business.

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

As a CPA that specialises in small business profit and cash flow improvement, I find that business owners often struggle with improving their profits and cash flow.

Business owners will in most instances, engage a Tax Accountant to do their taxes and typically, tax accountants deal with the past. That is, what has happened, not what is likely to happen and that’s because they're so busy complying with all the requirements of the Tax Office, most just don't have time to do any more than that. Their task ends up being to complete the financial accounts from the information that you've provided and fill in the forms for tax and compliance purposes.

Has your tax accountant ever sat you down and said,

"Right, I'll show you the key numbers in your business that we can fine-tune, to give you an extra $20,000 to $50,000 in profit and cash flow.

If he/she did, there's a good chance that climb right over the desk, grab him or her by the scruff of the neck and scream, "Would I what!"

So, where do you find the information that will help you direct your business to better cash flow and profitability?

Is the answer to get more or better reports from your accounting system? Well, that may help you see what's happened recently, but it may not help you change or adjust what will happen in future months!

What is most important is to understand what numbers really ‘drive’ the results. If you can fully appreciate what numbers ‘drive’ the results, then you can adjust the ‘numbers’ to achieve a desired, much better outcome, before and not after you've had a less than satisfactory result.